Bad-ass Metal Skulls

PLATED_SKULL_BLACK_NICKEL_003CS_CROP PLATED_SKULL_BLACKNICKEL_003CS_CROP_ANGLEThis full-scale, 3d printed human skull sealed using a proprietary process to allow for direct metal plating. Once the sealant has cured, the skull is plated in copper, polished, plated in black nickel and then polished again to create its stunning mirror finish. VIEW HERE


This skull combines a variety of techniques to create the three dimensional depth.  Useful and eye-catching, this skull activates and enlivens any environment. VIEW HERE


This is a full-scale, 3d printed human skull that has been sealed using a proprietary process to allow for direct metal plating (as opposed to a mass-production casting process). The 3d printed skull, once cured, is plated in copper and then polished, plated in nickel, polished again, and finally plated in 24k gold at which point it receives its final polish to produce an incomparably stunning mirror finish. VIEW HERE


The metallic skulls are super slick and BAD-TO-THE-(UH)-BONE. Or what is the bone version of metal? Exclusively sold at and West Out East in East Hampton, NY. Although I might ask if we can get these metallic beauties in our shop!