Art and Graffiti by Nychos Featuring Skulls

Quick Intro Clip of some London Street Art by Nychos

I walk past these most days and now that I’ve watched the video’s I can’t believe what an amazing talent this man is.

NYCHOS is incredible and his work can be seen in most major cities – just watching his video’s now and the man is a graffiti machine, I still don’t know how he does it. Through Rabbit Eye Movement he has been mentioned on most high-profile art blogs and websites and is definitely one of the most well-known street artists of our generation.

Nychos’ work focussing heavily on dissection, anatomy, skeletons and skulls. His style is instantly recognisable and even if you don’t know the ‘art scene,’ once you’ve seen his work you will know straight away when you’ve seen it again. He is able to create art on a variety of mediums including A3 prints to huge fantastic murals which are cartoon-like in their execution but the level of detail he gets out of a tin of spray paint is mind-boggling.

Even though the main focus of his art is not skulls, what kind of Appreciation Society would we be if we didn’t mention him and give you the chance to see his creations and some great little vids too which show you some process shots.

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Anatomy of Deinonychos graffiti Apocalypse Weird skull detail Graffiti Astro Skeleton Graffiti CANIS LUPUS Skull Illustration Cheesebrain by Nychos

NYCHOS for iOnArt- Cheesebrain image courtesy of IONART.digest the rest - skull in crocodile illustration DISSECTION OF A FOX Art by Nychos Dissection of a Skull Street Art nychos Ghettobird Print by Nychos Mickey's head dissection Mother bear giving birth nychos splatterface graffiti VULVES PELLIS OS OMENTUM fox dissection by Nychos

Some Cool Nychos Videos

Splatterface Graffiti Video