Anthony Cozzi Skull Screen Prints

I first saw Anthony Cozzi’s work on Street Anatomy’s website and loved it so much I had to get one for myself. The screen print, The Moment Before, now lives in my bedroom nicely framed and just being awesome. Anthony has recently launched another detailed screen print, this time spotted on Who Killed Bambi, and has called it – Pale Horse. The detail in these screen prints is amazing and I would love to see process shots of how he did it.

The reason we are featuring these prints is because they feature skeletons in them, and all skeletons have? SKULLS!!! BOOM. We love a good skull over here at the Skull Appreciation Society and we hope we get to see more of them in Anthony’s work!

Pale Horse Screen Print

Anthony Cozzi Pale Horse Skull Screen Print

The Moment Before Screen Print