Acrylic and Wood Skulls by Laurel Ruth Hope

Laurel_Ruth_Hope_1_wood_Skull Laurel_Ruth_Hope_2_wood_Skull Laurel_Ruth_Hope_3_wood_Skull Laurel_Ruth_Hope_4_wood_Skulls Laurel_Ruth_Hope_6 wood skulls Laurel_Ruth_Hope_7_wood_Skulls

Mountain gorilla wood skulls Laurel_Ruth_Hope_8 Laurel_Ruth_Hope_9 Laurel_Ruth_Hope_10 Laurel_Ruth_Hope_11

These beautiful acrylic skulls and wood skulls are a selection of amazing hand carved creations from Laurel Roth Hope.

These simian skulls were a part of a  series called ‘Hominids’. This skull themed series seerved to explore the relationships between primates. Skulls included are gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans.

The glass-like animals skulls are hand carved from an acrylic block or solid industrial polysulfone. These are then polished to the create a glossy appearance. These skulls are from her ‘ Man’s Best Friend’ collection.

Laurel lives and works in San Francisco and is an occasional collaborator with Andy Diaz Hope.

We also found this tapestry on her website.  We are fairly sure there is aan optical illusion skull hidden in there. What do you think?

Laurel_Ruth_Hope__allegory of a prisoners dilemma