Image Source: BioLib This skull may have the appearance of a snake skull but what you are indeed looking at is a moray eel skull. I have always been fascinated by moray eels and their ability to send chills down ones spine with their surprise attacks

You’ve probably seen us mention Ali Gulec before as we’ve featured his work on Society 6 in the past. He’s done a number of floral skulls that we’ve shown you in a previous blog but I thought I’d show you all my own personal Top 5,

Skulls represent death and are a sharp reminder of our mortality. Nevertheless, they are much more than that, especially in the creative realm. They depict change and transformation while other cultures associate them with strength and even protection. Without a doubt, skulls have various representations,

In 1935, a young palaeontologist named Ralph von Koensigswald made an astonishing discovery while amusing himself sifting through ‘dragon’s teeth’ in an apothecary’s shop in Hong Kong. This was the term used to describe old animal bones that were used in Chinese traditional medicines. The

Over the course of human history skulls and bones have elicited many thoughts and ideas and can be viewed through many lenses. Skull imagery is prevalent in most, if not all, known societies and captures the imagination. As Joshua Harker states, “It’s a powerful metaphor, which