Great looking Piston Skull, carved from/into an actual piston. According to other blogs this skull is indeed for use as shifter. Yes, this is a good idea. Found via the superb Skullspiration

This piece of skull art is a part of an ongoing series of Left and Found Art series by Mr Four Fingers. As simple as this skull looks it was actually far trickier to create. First the skull was drawn on to paper to create a

  There are a whole lot of strange skulls out there and this one ranks pretty high. Though this skull does look stranger than most due to the long and curved tusks. They can grow so long that they have been know to pierce the animals

Paul Jackson Lives presents Death Vader! This creative piece of illustration appeals to 2 very large audiences, the Star Wars fans and the skull lovers, and for those who are both this is gonna be like igniting a piece of dynamite covered in C4. We have

The ‘Etch A Sketch’ is a classic toy that enables the user to endlessly draw and re-draw anything they want. The two knobs control a stylus that etches lines in aluminum powder to create black lines. A simple shake reverts the drawing board back to

Skull Beer Bong will make any party one to, uh, not remember. I for one have actually never tried a beer bong but this skull contraption could change my mind. You can purchase this creepy Skull Beer Bong from Fun World for a mere $7.79. Found

Plague doctors (wicki) were special medical physicians who treated plague victims. Their skull-like mask had a long beak and looked truly freaky. The beak was filled with scented materials and straw. The straw was thought to filter out “miasmic bad air”. In case you were