This intricate and old fashioned wood carving style Memento Mori linocut was created by Woodcut Emporium. This hand printed design features a skull, sinister skulled birds, an oriental house and a clock with no hands. Mysterious indeed. This Memento Mori linocut is available to buy as

  Admittedly one of my favourite skulled figures has to be the dead spaceman. These superb digital illustrations were created by Shaun Mooney. These ghoulish fellas seem undead rather than dead. They are wearing futuristic uniforms and are definitely looking to haunt some fellow space travellers. Found

   These UV skull prints are indeed printed on a variety of substrates like aluminum and wood. Yeah, pretty cool. All made possible via the talent of artist Pervez Taj. These skulls can be bought in various sizes and arrive ready to hang.

This simple memento mori skull ring was created by ETSY duo Bonny Rabbit. This ring is made from brass and plated on 24K gold. The words ‘Momento Mori’ are inscribed on the sides of the ring. This is Latin for ‘ remember (that

Concept artist, Kouji Tajima, brings us this sinister looking ZBrush skull creation. Zbrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines painting, modeling and 3D elements. In the hands of a pro, you get a mean looking skull like this. Kouji Tajima is currently a Concept Artist