Skulls may not play a central role in the crazy world of Nosego but there are a few. That at least means we can introduce  you to the facking bonkers world of this fella. Nosego explains that his compositions are influenced by childhood

Out the plethora of paintings styles that exist I’m definitely drawn to the ‘painterly style’ above all. A lovely example of that style is this skull painting by the fantastic Pascal Vicollet. Pascal is known for his thick brush strokes, dripping lines and dynamic angles. All

I spotted these vibrant digital skulls on Illustrated Monthly. They have been created by Lithuanian tattoo artist, Domantas Parvainis. You can see more of his incredible work on his Instagram feed.

Belgium artist, Vince Okerman, really likes the concept of showing 2 images by coloring the doodles in a specific way. This skull doodle made on Strathmore Toned Tan paper (size : 18"x24" or 45cm x 61cm) and he used prismacolor pencils and posca markers. He does other illustrations

Waste 1 Resin Skull by Kieran Brown YEAR: 2012 SERIES SIZE: Ongoing SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 12 cm x H 15 cm x Depth 18 cm PROCESS: Cast Resin MATERIAL: Polyester Resin and Oil Paint Waste 2 Resin Skull by Kieran Brown YEAR: 2012 SERIES SIZE: Ongoing SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 12 cm x H 15

Mixing it up with this gruesome Zombie Unicorn by digital artist Austen Mengler. There are a few other skull figures lurking over at his Deviant Art account, inlcuding a cheeky zombie John Snow. Mr Snow is joining the icy bastards. At least we hypothesize. Found on

On one drunken night in East London we spied a mischievous little skull through blurry eyes. The skull I’m referring to was a vinyl sticker created by Skeleton Cardboard. We were fortunate enough to find

It’s quite horrifying to think that there was once a time that a sharp metal rod and hammer were used in a neurosurgical procedure. I’m referring to a lobotomy. This may sound more than a little lame but I

Hybrid Medical Animation have made a beautiful animation of what the human body looks like doing yoga in X-ray form. Their goal was to create a realistic representation of x-ray imaging. Instead of just creating a still image, they wanted to combine the moves of yoga with this new

Walking skeletons are part of our fun Halloween traditions. Each of these bony characters balances a wine glass to entertain guests at seasonal celebrations. These skeleton wine glasses are available to buy from Pottery Barn. 3.25" diameter, 9.25" high; 13-ounce capacity Skeleton stem is handmade of zinc

Themes of life and death play a major role in the portfolio of, Japanese artist, Haruko Maeda. Haruko's work is recognisable for it’s skulled people and 1600’s style of depicting figures. Her work is detailed and

The chances are quite good that you have seen the work of Hyrdo 74 at some point (featured before on this blog). He is known for his ornate style when creating illustrations for tees and prints. Hydro draws skulls and animals will equal fervor.