Vero Navarro, a Madrid-based illustrator, has created this playful print series, titled Hipster Bones, portraying a hipster with a trendy bone golf shirt. Vero combines illustration with digital techniques to execute some of her work. To view more of Vero’s beautiful work, visit

We love a good skull and we love a good Kickstarter. This is a realistic skull mug cast in English finest bone china created by Alfred Designs. Using 3d printing of skull scan data & hand modelling to deliver high detail. Fund this skull mug project

Remember Four is a a pocket sculpture, by Kpavio, which incorporates a Breitling watch to remind us that nothing is eternal. "Mors ultima linea rerum est" Death is the last boundary-string of things Th inscription in Latin translates that the pocket watch is protected by the cranes

Sneaky Studios, one of our favourite artists here at the society, has created another juicy skull filled with whole planets and amazing detail. I've gone ahead and labelled it a cosmic skull due to the nature of the contents, and in matching with his

These x-ray skull cards will definitely add extra mystery to the next poker night and will make you think twice about bluffing. It is slightly unnerving to be able to see through your cards and this would definitely add an extra layer of tension. Each of

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogs! We have been on holiday, moving house, job hunting and it's the British summer so when the sun is out it's hard not to celebrate! This Bubbleskull Lamp, by Hedi Xandt, is like the stuff from

We stumbled across this fascinating Skull Ghost Ship on the awesome Streets of Beige. This curious skull ship was created by J. Shea and is a part of his ‘Ghost Vessel’ series. What makes this Skull ghost Ship even more special is that it

  About time we added these skull stickers to the Society. These are great looking, sinister and macabre all rolled into one. Created by skull fiend, Defame. These are not only fine looking but also thick, durable and cheap as chips. Visit Defame's

Some intricate and beautiful paper skulls from the hand of Tsvetislava Koleva. She is a Bulgarian artist studying graphic design with a penchant for highly detailed paper art. Tsvetislava's paper skulls are influenced by one of our favourite days, The Day of The