This Killer Skull Illustration is by artists and tattoo artist - Marcus Manfredi. A humble talent, Marcus still refers to himself as an ‘Amateur Tattooer’, currently working out of Black Barock Tattoo in Barcelona. Marcus enjoys drawing and painting in addition to tattooing. His other passion

This biting skull bottle opener is hand cast out of bronze, features two skulls, one of which is ready to clamp down on your next bottle cap. Created by Jac Zagoory in collaboration with Adam Davenport. Jac Zagoory Designs is a pen and desk

Hannes Hummel has certainly nailed these slighty macabre skull busts. These busts are the result of rapid prototyping and a whole lot of finishes I imagine. As well as superb photography. These Greek style skull busts were created but scanning several busts, stone sculptures and bones.

Hailed as India’s Damien Hirst, Subodh Gupta certainly knows how to make some big ol skulls. We posted about his massive metal skull made from various kitchen utensils a few years ago. It’s only fair that we share some more. We stumbled

The ladies from Sea on Glass have an endless supply of creativity and ideas it seems! We of course follow their work on Facebook  and they have been creating some real beauties lately! This Steampunk skull (WIP) is one of those and I am happy to share this

The shiny chrome like digital skull is a part of a series called ‘Chemical Rawness’. The blue and red organic shapes that are reflected on its surface are symbols of pulsing life. This probably makes more sense when you see the skull as a part

This 3D printed lattice skull was ‘printed’ out of metal. Basically layers of metal powder is fused together by the laser, layer by layer. The result of this partcular lattice skull is a phenomenally intricate design. Found on Reddit

Found these intricate skull linocut prints squirreled away in the design portfolio of Orla Hunter. Like her namesake these prints are skulls of predators, a tiger and a sun bear. Orla Hunter is digital Art Director and Designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

We really do try and minimise the level of self-promotion on this blog dedicated to skulls but we do like to draw them and then we have no choice but to share them with you. This Batman skull painting, created of course by Mr Four Fingers,

Today we watched a slew of shark attack videos that got us thinking. More about the beautiful creature that is the shark of course. As you probably know, sharks skeletons are made form cartilage rather than bone making it part of the Chrondrichthyes

When we initially saw this skull we thought the teeth were delicately hand carved. As it turns out these teeth belong to a Crabeater seal. These ocean dwelling creatures are medium to large, slender, pale coloured and found one floating pack-ice in and around

We have featured the incredible work of Smithe before and yes he is back again. His portfolio has a superb array of highly detailed drawings and a whole treasure trove of skulls. Smithe's signature style definitely has to be

This is Full Throttle, a rather unusual skeleton coffee table, and Skelemental's first piece of furniture. Full size skeleton busts, one being strangled by the other. Bronze skeletons on a brushed steel base. Limited edition of just three sculptures. Pretty amazing talent here!

Beavertown Neck Oil Session Pale Ale craft beer's can is covered in skulls. I'll take 12 please :) We, through Mr Four Fingers, were painting a mural this weekend at The Plough pub in Hackney Wick for Hey Big Man, a new creative space where creatives

Here is a load of spray painted skulls by Boy-Girl tees. These guys have a store full of curious objects, some vintage and some re-purposed with layers and swirls of spray paint. Fetch a skull for yourself for about £20 from

This strange little wood skull carving is available to by from Le7Lune. It’s called ‘Marlene’ , a skulled representation of a female. It is made from wood, gemstones and sterling silver. So if you fancy this little skull lady adorning your mantelpiece then make