Mercurious Designs a specialist jewellery designer and sculptor has a vast amount of beautiful creations from earrings to pendants and through to sculpture. We have selected just a few of their skull designs and would love to make special mention of this amazing

This brilliant skull tree carving was sent in by Dino Fazzani, a Skull Society fan, and he was asking for our opinion of this piece of work - naturally we replied saying we loved it and he definitely needs to create more!! Nice one Dino :) send

This tiny little Warthog Tusk Skull was carved by Mark Noll Designs and has been placed on Quarter for scale - Mark, like us, definitely has a healthy obsession with skulls and we love it. Check out Mark's website for more skull-related goodies.   

Like most people with smart phones nowadays I am constantly trawling social media channels but my favourite is definitely Instagram because I find gems like this beautiful skull painting by the talented Kathleen Sanders. You can follow her Instagram here and if you really

Elvis is back and this time in the form of an Elvis skull bust. These Elvis heads are pre-made then hand painted, Dia de Muertos style. They look damn fine. Deviant Artist Lucky Hell Cat A.K.A. Leobarda Grijalva hand painted these Elvis skull busts.