Big Boner is a limited edition toy birthed from the mind of Ron English. It measures 21cm tall and is made from clear/white double-cast Japanese vinyl. This was sculpted by T9G and limited to 150 pieces, all signed by the man himself. Visit the Propaganda store

This is s steering from one of the cars in the latest Mad Max: Fury Road movie. I have yet to see this movie but am really looking forward to it! Funnily enough it's received mixed reviews - there are a lot of haters out

We recently found Chad Pierce's skull oil paintings on Instagram and we are definitely big fans of his style. Based in Northern California, Chad sticks to the traditions and techniques of oil painting and realism. His style of painting continues to be influenced by

Otto Da'Ambra, a London-based tattoo and artist, has started to make a name for himself with his stunning etchings. His tattoo work is simply mind-blowing and when transferred onto paper goes it continues to impress. His skull etching's represent some of the best

There is something utterly fascinating about discovering human remains that have been buried for hundreds of years. Like unearthing stories from beneath the mud. These human remains were discovered in Mexico, during excavations for a subway extension. The bones are thought to be those of

This illustration is not based on actual tribes (though that is a future idea called ‘tribes’), it merely had a tribal feel to it. That and hidden layers of ‘deep meaning’. This skull ink drawing was created with a variety of pens, from fineliner

Can’t quite tell if this is a real skull cat, as in dyed fur or photoshop. I rather like the idea of a skeleton cat running about the neighbourhood. Found on Designcrush

[embed][/embed] One of the hardest things to achieve in life is to do something that you love and get paid for it. And that's what I love about Kickstarter Projects - they make the impossible possible. It gives me great joy to share with you a

Goth Chic Accessories is definitely bring some style back with these unusual skull cuff links. Men in the Victorian era loved to wear macabre and scary accessories to drive away the fear of death. This is their modern interpretation of that old practice, a pair of cuff

Dan Schaub‎ a fellow Facebooker and SAS fan sent this to us. It's a real human skull carved and ornamented with 170 gemstone stones including Pink Tourmaline, Welo Ethopian Opal, Almandine Garnet, Rhodolite, African Amethyst, Brazilian Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz, Labradorite, Spinel, brass and silver.  I had

We Skelevex this amazing faceted skull design by Skelevex quite a while ago and it’s back again. This time you can buy one of these little boneheads, called ‘Skelevex Bare Bones. I was hoping they would be a little bigger, especially for

These milk jugs take a mysterious journey into becoming milk jug skulls with a little love and heat. The first tutorial shows you how to convert a milk jug into a skull. The last two videos show how you can go one step further by

This skeleton costume with gold skull polygon head has a few surprises. But I will let you watch the video to see what I mean. It’s fucking creepy. The skull is made from paper/cardboard with a movable jaw. The eye sockets feature pulsating green lights

Skeletubes is an ongoing series of hand-painted vintage vacuum tubes by Noah Scalin, founder and creator of Skull-A-Day and successful mixed media artist based in the US of A. Most skull-obsessive fanatics would've come across Noah's work at some point in their

Creature Box is an illustration studio who are brilliant at creating comic book characters. They also make monsters and this little skull creature is one of those! I found this guy on Instagram, and then Pinterest shortly after, and based on that coincidence and the

  Not only is this a wicked skull lamp but just check out the play of light! The honeycomb-esque openings in the skull make for an interesting display of light. This ‘Halloween Skull Lamp 3’ is a design available to download from Makerbot Thingverse. Created

Yes you read the title correctly. This is indeed a levitating skull. This strangely alien looking floating faceted skull levitates with the use of magic. Wait, I mean magnets. Which are pretty much magic. This levitating skull is called 'Ankou Gold', meaning ‘magnetic levitation’. The