Wendy Ortiz may not use skulls as a main focus but you will find them scattered about in her amazing portfolio. Wendy is known for her mixed media portraits of sultry ladies though among these beauties lurk a few skulls. I particularly admire

These 3d printed Skullnade collectables are by one of our very own Skull Society artists - David Kraig. These are the mini versions of the originals and are printed  in: 2.007 w x 1.15 d x 1.494 h. Be sure to visit the

Hand Engraved and Sculpted Silver Mercury Dime coin human SKULL - Hobo nickel by Seth Basista SB carvings. These skull coins are completely hand-carved - they consist of a detailed human skull carving with spine, hammered textured background, and an antique added patina on an authentic silver

We have been following BioWorkz on Instagram for a while now and I have been dying to do a blog about these beautiful skulls. I am sucker for this style of illustration and the work is similar to two of my other

We have featured the talents of Steve Locatelli before but it’s time we shared some more. Locatelli is a graffiti/mural artist hailing from Belgium who has a definite flair for skulls. Like I said he is