These hand-casted plaster atlas skulls have been created by Nina Marlena. They are sealed and coated in an all over printed fabric, finished with a clear acrylic spray to prevent fading. These atlas skulls are limited to 50 and will not be created again

Kit King is another unbelievable artist that we have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the wonderful land of Instagram. Her portfolio is split into either amazing large-scale portraits or wonderful skull drawings and paintings. Kit King is a self-taught Canadian artist with a penchant

The above “design maquette” , another term for scale-model, shows a skeletal sculpture of a figure wearing an Asian conical hat. Evan Campbell sculpted this skeleton out of Klean clay and it is called 'Blind Dead'. Evan is a freelance sculptor living in California with

  This brilliant Slipknot Skull print was created by Keepsake Design and is the Official screenprinted poster for Slipknot's performance in Hamburg. Germany on February 8, 2015. This design was created as part of their 'Prepare For Hell' 2014/2015 European Tour and is the second gig

Title: 'I'm Dead' Size: 23x23x30cm View in the SAS shop. Title: 'Holy Cow' Materials: Real buffalo skull, acrylic paint and collage Size: 90x90x22cm View in the SAS Shop. The exquisite real animal skulls were painted by Violet Bond, Australian-based artist who lives in Maningrida on the coast of

This cute little skull print, from Lecloutordu, is made up of little cartoon characters and was created in collaboration with Mister President & First Lady aka LeClouTordu. The French sentence below translates to 'Some who is very ambitious' hence the obscure titel of the post.

This full-scale, 3d printed human skull sealed using a proprietary process to allow for direct metal plating. Once the sealant has cured, the skull is plated in copper, polished, plated in black nickel and then polished again to create its stunning mirror finish. VIEW HERE This

Limited edition skull screen print called Mr Stabby by Josh Holinaty. Available to buy from his online store for $65. This skull screen print is single colour on Stonehenge paper, measures 15” x 19” and is limited to 13 prints. Josh Holinaty is a full-time freelance

'Ex Morte Vita II' - by Beu Stanton Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on wood 30 x 30 cm Quantity Left: 1 'Otomi Skull' - By Sylvia Ji Acrylic on wood panel framed  60 x 60 cm Skull (Print) - by HAROSHI Giclee print, Edition 100, signed & numbered 46 x 61 cm 'The Art Of Toshikazu' By

Artist Name: WANT SOME STUDIO Name of piece: LIFE, DEATH AND PRIZES Type: GICLÉE PRINT Materials used: PEN AND PENCIL ILLUSTRATION Country: UK Size: 50x70cm Price: £150 Want Some Studio is the working name of illustrator Marco Bevilacqua. Marco was introduced to us through the Mr Gresty Exhibitions which take place at

Artist Name: Lauren McIvor Name of piece: Morte Type: Original Materials used: Ink Country: Australia Price: £250 Lauren McIvor, an Australian artist,  took part in our exhibition last year by submitting this beautiful piece titled 'Morte.' I love the simplicity of the execution - it's bold, refined and the drips remind