These illustrations of Die Antwoord and Duane Peters were a collaboration between Iain Macarthur, a regular on SAS, and FIST Clothing. They are without a doubt one of the coolest bands around and one of my favourites (I'm SA born so a bit biased).

I found Magnus Gjoen's work on the Hang Up Gallery's website. I love the simplicity in his presentation - a beautifully detailed object floating on a stark and lifeless backdrop. The focus is all on the piece, with no distractions around the central

It may not be Damien Hirst's  'For the Love of God' but this shiny skull is pretty cool all the same. This Metallic Skull costs only $29.95 and is available from Z Gallerie. Originally found on Apartment Therapy

This magnificent hand carved birch wood skull sculpture was created by Max Magnus Norman. The smooth  and elegant lines of this skull are only superseded by the  lovely spherical eye sockets. This gives the skull an 'eyes wide open', friendly feel. This wood

Eye-catching hand-painted and hand embellished real racka ram skull with glass rhinestones Beautiful hand painted and hand embellished real ram skull with acrylic pearls and 24k gold leaf Hand-made black rhinestone studded with gold leaf design red deer skull These incredible skull sculptures are the creations by Virginia the

Lauren Baker, a london-based contemporary multidisciplinary artist from London, exhibiting internationally across the USA and Europe, and has been quoted as the 'Queen of Skulls' by Vogue Magazine. And we have to agree! Her collection of skulls is vast as it is beautiful and we

I really like the effort that when into creating this photo/digital piece. This day of the dead inspired skull creation forms the basis/platform to advertise the skills of Julia Kuzmenko McKim.(there is a re-touching tutorial available to buy) This time lapse video and

THE VALDARO LOVERS necklace is a hand-carved original piece, created by Blue Bayer, was inspired by a recent archeological find. A collector of my work actually turned me onto this image. It's really compelling. " Love you to death

PSYCHEDELIC SKULL NO.6 by BEN ALLEN 70cm x 80cm Image Size 80cm x 90cm Paper Size Hand torn paper edges. Giclee print with 2 layers of screen print varnish revealing a matt stain glass window pattern. Edition of 30. Signed, stamped and numbered by the artist. Ben Allen, a UK-born-and-based artist,

Some pretty cool looking skull drawings from the talented Dino Tomic. Dino is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Norway with a penchant for drawing amazing eyes and film star portraits. He drew a great owl and skull design that he also tattooed. Skilled

Le Marke, or Antonio Aguirre, is a Mexican based artist who loves skulls! We connected with Le Marke through Mr Four Fingers and we've definitely seen this guys skills get better and better with every piece he creates! So much so that we knew

Magnus Snickars is a Swedish designer and illustrator who caught our eye through the skull submissions page, which resulted in his artwork being on show at the exhibition we keep on banging on about. Magnus submitted this design called Hibernate, which reminds me of a

When it comes to skull illustrations few can match the power-house that is Raf the Might. We featured in numerous times on the website and I have a feeling this won't be the last time either! Raf the Might was featured at our recent skull exhibition