This may not be a recent skull mural from the mighty Meggs but we share still  share it all the same. Love the work of Meggs for his powerfull and energetic style that is instantly recognisable. Originally found on Designspiration.

Skin Deep was the skull submission by London-based artist and designer Mr Gresty. We were delighted that Mr Gresty submitted this piece and exhibited, alongside an illustrious list of artists, at Celebrabis Vitae. Mr Gresty regularly hosts a number of art shows in and around East

This guy certainly needs no introduction, especially on this blog as we've mentioned his skills before numerous times, but Iain Macarthur's tribal skulls are something worth mentioning again, especially seeing as though they are now all available in our online shop for the low

This Tattooed Leather Skull, by Dionne Marshall from Punctured Artefact, is called ‘Rhythm of life’ and was featured at our skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae. It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible) set within a geometric hourglass and falling sand. Alongside a few

This pen and ink skull illustration called 'Slack Jaw' is simply another skull creation for no other reason than to draw. Who knows maybe after collecting some digital dust it will make an appearance somewhere. For more illustrations like this be sure to check out our