Amongst the horde of small creatures with sharp fangs, fur and large staring eyes you will find these fantastic looking skull masks. These death mask creations made by Santani. As I mentioned Santani, who resides in Russia, mainly creates amazingly detailed creatures that are adorable.

This may seem like a lazy post and well maybe it is but I had to find some way of sharing the amazing digital illustration work of the mighty Sergey Kolesov. I just spent the last 30 minutes ogling his online portfolio, constantly lifting up my

One of my favourite apparel brands, AnyForty, known for their collaborative illustrative work, have this wicked skull in their closet. Duo De La Muerte is a colourful skull creation by the talented Tom Mac and is available as a pullover hoody. There

This version of The Pieta, by Jan Fabre, is a world famous Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti and is housed in St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. It depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of Mary, after the crucifixion. The version you

Abacrombie Ink is the alias of Brazilian born artist Hugo Silva. Hugo has an immense array of skulls, most of which are embellished with his stylistic stippled approach. His dark creations are reminiscent of arcane

So we figured it was time that we collected a whole bunch of skulls together again and this time we decided on Skull Movie Posters. They are in no specific order and this is not the most comprehensive list of all skull movie posters ever

It goes without saying that we love a good skull and although we share lots of cool skulls from the art industries we do like to throw random skull-themed stories and other unique skulls we find online, and this skull hair and make-up is deserved of

Vintage Smut. Now there's a title I never thought we would have on SAS but there it is all the same. I could not help but share this photo from the early 19th Century of a semi nude woman lazing about reading her book. With

With heavy detailed creations, human parts and machines one can only compare the work of Transmit and Receive with the late GIger. But where Giger was an airbrush master of nightmares, Transmit would surely have been a worthy acolyte with his