Right, so I've been pretty busy organising our upcoming skull exhibition, CELEBRABRIS VITAE, so haven't had time to do a proper skull post. So here is a another selection of crazy skull gifs to feed your macabre soul. Found on Tumblr, so unknown artist.

CALL FOR ARTISTS – WE NEED YOUR SKULLS JOIN US AT OUR UPCOMING SKULL EXHIBITION – CELEBRABIS VITAE – ON 31ST OCTOBER 2014 We would like to invite all skull artists to submit work for our upcoming skull show and exhibition titled CELEBRABIS VITAE (Celebrate life) which takes place on the 31st October

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hfpc3CTZTM The World's largest Gummy Skull weighs in at an impressive 5 pounds, is 100% edible and contains a staggering 7000 calories. I will have 2 please. Gummy Skull is handmade in USA and is available in cherry, raspberry and grape for $39.99. This is same website

Stunning skull piece by the amazing Russ Mills A.K.A. Byroglyphics. Not sure what medium he used as he experiments with ink, markers, paint and digital (could be all of those). Whatever the medium, the result is fantastic. Originally found on Skullspiration

  These skull creations by Vlad Gradobyk are both beautiful and disturbing. The disturbing element may come from the fact that we rarely see the skulls of babies/toddlers used in illustrations. It's  a macabre reminder of a very young