I have heard the term ' reverse graffiti' before, when instead adding marks (spray paint, paint etc) you actually remove areas of dirt to create your image. Selective cleaning if you will. So that puts the police in a strange position as you are not vandalising

This image was sent to us by a Facebook fan. Initially I thought it was part of the Punisher franchise because the skull inside the eye looks like that design but upon researching it, through Google's amazing image finder, I found out it is the

French artist,  Emeric Chantier, created these magnificent skull-infused plant sculpture. I say infused because I can't think of another way to describe this unusual piece of art. Emeric is part of the Macadam Gallery and also created other pieces of art in a similar

I was looking for a different sort of skull faced caterpillar today when I stumbled across this gorgeous looking creature. Say hello to the Skull Faced caterpillar of the Australian rainforest. This is the larva of the Pink Underwing Moth, an endangered species

This beautiful illustration, created by Katerina Murysina, may be light  and feminine but was actually inspired by tragic events. From reading about this illustration on her Behance profile, two female figures represent the passing of her friend and grandmother. These sad events led Katerina to

These Kutaniyaki Porcelain Skulls are definitely something I could see adorning the mantelpiece. If had a mantelpiece that is. Kutaniyaki is a style of porcelain that dates back to the 17th Century and is known for it's use of bright