This bizarre look at popular yellow cartoon characters has been created by Egyptian illustrator Mahmoud Refaat.  His illustrative work features the skulls and skeletons behind popular household names like Homer Simpson, Spongebob Squarepants and Tweety Bird to name a few. The cartoon skeletons give

Andy Brase may not use skulls as the focus of his works but they certainly show up in many of his works. Brase creates a lot of hellish and dark styled illustrations so it seems only natural our beloved skull

This seemingly benign mask from Papua New Guinea (1801-1910) is actually made from a real human skull. As you can see the front has a jovial face and the back is sections of a human skull pieced together. You would literally be wearing someone's face. Maybe

Time to relax with a nice bath courtesy of these magnificent skull taps! These can be found on Stephen Einhorn's website and you can mix and match a number of other skull-themed bathroom decor. How bizarrely fabulous. Description courtesy of Stephen Einhorn's copy editors :) "A pair

This digital painting of a horned skeletal figure by Telthona reminds me of the white walkers from the Game of Thrones. I reckon Telthona's icily evil ' Whisperer' is fit to be their king. If you are into fantasy paintings then be sure to go

Yes you read that correctly. Here we have, one massive, beer bottecap skull. Though the core is foam, the 'skin' as it were is made from hundreds of bottlecaps. We initial found out about this unusual skull on the blog called Green Diary, where they

The Consumer, a Pacman inspired piece, is by street artist SHOK-01. SHOK usually creates street art/graffiti which contains bones and inside the iconic Pacman-like figure is a skull. The meaning of the piece is quite literal and is aimed at all of us, including SHOK himself,

As skulls can't speak, it is up to clever human beings, science, observation and a fair amount of 'well maybe' hypotheses to find out what they would say. One such case was the skull of a 14 year old girl from Jamestown 1609/1610 that

It feels like it's taking ages to create this post for Dave Rapoza. This is due to the fact that once you start looking at his portfolio it's hard not to want to look at it all. There is

This epic illustration is done by the super-talented illustrator and designer Samuel Ho, or just 'Sho'. The drawing, titled Wanderlust, features some skulls half-way through, complete with Facets and surrounded by other amazing illustrative work. His work has been featured in the world's most popular