In this very special grave at the Brugge General Cemetery, there is buried Antoine Michel Wemaer (1768 - 1837), a merchant from Bruges, Belgium. His Tombstone is a moss-covered skull and cross bones which appears to be crying out. It's a solemn reminder about what awaits all of us

  Artificial Cranial Deformation or head flattening/binding is a form of cranial modification where the head is bound to elongate the skull. This is genuinely the strangest human behavior I have seen and the result can only be described as 'alien'. The skull is

This bizarre looking x-ray is not some photoshop wizardry but rather a severe case of Hyperdontia. Not sure what Hyperdontia is? Just think 'The Conheads' when Dan Aykroyd visits the dentist. Ok maybe not that bad. Hyperdontia is a condition where teeth grow in addition to

In true Pinterest style, where I sourced this image, there are no hints as to where this beautiful golden skull clock is from. I searched Google Images and I found one site which says that the image is rfom The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum (Cremona, Italy), but

This set of Skull and Cross Bones Dice is from the Pirates of the Caribbean game set, I think. There is a slight flaw with these dice as there is definitely a number missing but I'm not one for complaining about the smaller details especially when

Luke Dwyer, an Australian-born, artist specializes in 3D illustration, Character animation & Motion Graphics Design for Television, Advertising, Film and Gaming. He has created a unique mix of digital skulls using natural and man-made elements - the textures and executions