These soft and fuzzy looking teddy bear skulls are based on actual reverse engineered teddy bears. Yeah, that may sound a bit mental but seeing the final product I can do with a little insanity. These skulls are made from

There has been much talk of beards as of late and frankly I tire from it. First they are awesome and super great for attracting ladies, which I know to be true by the way, and then science reckons that now that every Tom, Dick

Anjo Bolarda is a self-taught artist whose works have been showcased and exhibited in several international venues: Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, France, Belgium, Germany, US, Spain, London, Malaysia and in New York. His pen and ink renditions are highly detailed, evoking an edgy contemporary quality. “I

This unusual looking wooden skull carving, with antlers, is called The Woodsman Urn and has been created by Etsy artist, Jason Tennant. This piece caught my eye because I have been telling Doug, the other dude who likes to post about skulls and the artist behind

HR - FM is a Japanese digital illustrator residing in Yokohama specializing in comics and games for the North American market. There are no designs in his portfolio that feature the skull as a main focus but I did stumble across these two skeletons

This 3D printed skull called 'Lucy Skull' , created by Mike Pelletier for an exhibition called 'Ctrl-Z that featured various 3D printed artworks. This particular 3D printed skull was generated by a dental tomography scan. The form is created by starting with a life

We've been posting quite a few skull tattoo designs lately but it's hard not to see why  when there are so many amazing pieces to share! This beautifully intricate skull tattoo design was created by Amsterdam-based artist, Beazarility (the tattoo done on himself - pictured), and tattoo'd by

      Disturbia Clothing is definitely one of my favourite clothing apparel. This is largely due to the fact that their 'resident artist' is Godmachine and their fantastic look-books. They also stock designs by the awesome Boneface and a few other talented artists. Disturbia is

Large back piece skull tattoos like these will never cease to amaze me. This particular skull tattoo was by Carlos Torres and his version has me imaging that that person died peacefully and now their skull lies peacefully amongst the blooming roses. Carlos has been tattooing

Gregory Halili, a Philippines-born artist, has created this most beautiful series of carved pearl skulls. I think it works so well, not only because of the expert craftsmanship but also because pearls have a similar resemblance to bone so the skull actually looks like a skull. Funny