If you guys have ever visited our Mr Four Fingers and SAS shop you will know we have a massive skull t-shirt called Chaos Rules, which was originally a skull pen drawing. As with other artists I love seeing process images of how pieces were created,

I really like these skull tattoos by Jun Cha for their almost watercolour aesthetic. The structural shapes and facets are reminiscent of greek statues (and there are statues) which I adore for their simplicity and strength. Tattoos of this

This stupendous skull canvas was created by one of my favourite artists, the super talented Iain Macarthur. Recently the lovely folk over at Skull & Heart curated a show called the 'The Colour Series' in which a variety of talented arists showed their amazing

[video width="640" height="360" m4v="https://skullappreciationsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/CSG-insta.m4v"][/video]   Cable Stealing Gypsies are an upcoming rock'n'roll band of four miscreants that play bad ass, good ol' rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. These guys are super cool and nice geezers too, and I should know I went to school

Skull with Concentric Circles is a three color screen printed poster drawn, signed and numbered and hand-printed on French 100# Pure White Cover by the awesome guys at Family Industries in Los Angeles. Each measures 11 x 17 inches, has an edition of 50 and

These cardboard skulls are just some of the cut-out delights from the Cardboard Safari's Etsy Store, who create environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard creations. The pieces are all laser-cut to ensure absolute precision and come in a variety of colours - you can decorate

I find this hand skull tattoo curious becuse it's one of those tattoos that only make sense when you place your hand on your face for whatever reason. Saying that it does make you double take and it is pretty cool looking. Found uncredited so if

For the classy, older and very distinguished skull-loving gentleman, this skull shave brush is the business. I love the idea of applying shaving cream with a brush, I don't because I'm a full-blooded beard-sporting hippity-hipster, but I can imagine how gentle and smooth it must feel.

Mike Anitt is a Manchester-based artist and sculptor who loves working with bronze. He has a selection of bronze skull sculptures, which we've shared with you today.All his pieces are originals, not editions, and all bronze sculpture are cast using lost wax ceramic If

INSA is a fine artist and designer who creates real-life gifs! He has labeled them as Gif-iti and each mural is painted and then photographed in sequence to create the animation (of up tom 8 layers) which you can see here. I found this amazing

I'm pretty much gobsmacked at this huge skull tattoo and is definitely one of the largest have seen. This image was found on various Pinterest/tumblr accounts with no credit so if you know who created the tattoo art then please do let us know in the comments

Some absolutely stunning paintings from Dan Quintana. Having a look through his Tumblr I found an image of a woman and what seems to be a loose ink skeleton clutching her from behind, which I quite like. Turns out this was the

The other day we (Mr Four Fingers) were given the opportunity to mess about with spray paint and of course we started by spray painting skulls.  I have always been keen to try spray paint but wanted to find an area large

One of the advantages of having a skull blog is that it makes it a lot easier for your friends when buying you birthday or Christmas presents - the obvious choice is something skull related. So I hope one of my mates read this and

Some nice alternative skull designs by As The Music Dies. They have an interesting looking skull french horn t-shirt design and cool looking Pharaoh skull rings that vary in prices from $160 - $220 with choices such as sterling silver and bronze.

This skull sqube is a gunmetal grey and is a , well I guess it's an ornamment. Though this one cleverly interlocks to form a larger skull thing! It measures 4x4x4" and will set you back $44.99 from Rotofugi Originally found on Vinyl Pulse