Doug shared one of these skull images on our Facebook page and it got a great response so I thought we needed these skulls on our blog for the rest of the world too see. These comic book skull illustrations are Mike Mitchell's take on

This skull masterpiece was sent to us by Ilya Andor and is a beautiful piece of art symbolising this once majestic beast. This carved skull reminds me of a number of other variations of a similar technique we have shared before, but this carved

Sometimes the best skulls are the simple ones and you don't get much simpler than these beautiful, gritty, black and white photographs from Sarah Bartell AKA Little Lioness. I rarely go one to Flickr these days so it was great to visit

Nice little Halloween skull idea, or just general I love skull nail art idea from Beauty Lab. You can follow a link to their website for full tutorial. It's in Dutch however. I did originally find this skull nail art over at Love Varnish where

This beautiful skull-themed print is by a french artist called Mr Walter from the Art&Toys website. I love black and white imagery and this piece also reminds me of an African-styled painting hanging in a typical African pub, only this time, it includes some sexy

This freaky and scary looking skull fella was sculpted by Mike Swisstack from Cthulhugizzard Customs. The piece was made with magic sculpt , copper wire and armature wire. They create a variety of custom sculptures and if you follow the links to his Facebook page you'll see

This beautiful laser etched skull was found on the amazing skull blog, Skull-A-Day, and is a collaboration piece between Joan Tarrago & BIG SECRET. It consists of 5 laser-etched and laser-cut layers at 14.75" circular. I love the style of laser etching and we created a similar piece, called Through

The Universe Is in Us is a digitally composed image by Deviant Artist t-abroudj. By altering images from NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team, Tahar Abroudjameur, created this stunning image of swirling stars and nebulae.

The Kiss of Death is a marble sculpture found in Poblenou Cemetery in Spain. What becomes immediately noticeable about this sculpture, apart from it being a winged skeleton, is the embrace and kiss. The embrace is is not one of a man fighting

If you ever watched the movie Blind Fury and thought 'Fuck yeah I want a walking stick sword' then look no further. Not only does this walking stick come with an optional blade but the stick is also topped with one good looking sterling silver

Spotted this skull and eyeball screen print created by Horsebites that was recently part of an exhibition by Skull and Heart. This is a two colour A2 design with a varnish layer called Code Blue and is limited to 50 signed prints. This scree print