So I'm celebrating my birthday tonight, and as a result of this, I am being super duper lazy. So here is another bunch of skull gifs for you to enjoy! I will be proceeding to get drunk so please do think about me and my hangover tomorrow

Solid Gold Death Mask is a new comic book series by  Rufus Daylgo (artist for Tank Girl amongst others) and Sofie Dodgson. In their own words the series is about " primordial scholarly penguins, decapitated heads, rival twin goddess sisters, and a war between

I'm pretty sure we have all been introduced to the creepy looking Deaths Head Hawkmoth, notoriously featured on the famous ' Silence of the Lambs' film poster. The skull is not what it seems upon closer inspection. Some of you may know this already so

Chapter is giving away this hand-finished skull screen print - head on over to his Facebook page and follow the instructions. He's also got lots of other skulls on his main site including prints and t-shirt designs. Win this hand coloured/finished print. Chapter is making 10 of

We first spotted Victoria Sin's work at the Brick Lane Sunday Market. What caught our eye was a beautifully-offensive t-shirt, with an illustration of a girl standing up and urinating. It was 'out there' so I loved the cheek of it. I probably wouldn't wear but

Damon Albarn, lead singer for Gorillaz and Blur, is finally launching his own solo album. Great news for his fans out there! The album, Everyday Robots, launches on the 29th April 2014 and this is the video is kicking off the launch of the album

This simple but oh so ever beautiful 3D poly skull is created by Italian digital artist Error 23. This skull is also available as a print in various forms on the seemingly ubiquitous Society 6. This 3D poly skull is only available as a landscape print.

Marco Puccini has vast amount of illustrations in his portfolio and the majority feature odd little characters that remind me of Morph, the famous animated plasticine stop motion TV character from the 70's. Though Marco's creations have even less features and more vacant stares. Happily

This photographic series by Japanese student-artists Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi, from Musashino Art University, shows intimate x-ray portraits of couples and depicts human intimacy but without warmth. The images are cold & clinical but I can still feel and see (obviously) the intimacy in these shots. The human

These magical crystal skulls are sculptures from They look great, and if you are into that sort of thing, can provide certain healing properties through the type of stone/crystal they are. is one of the world's leading distributor of crystal and gemstone skulls,

This Ivory Rosary with gilded-silver chain was carved in Germany in about 1500-1525. Upon the pendant there is an inscription reading "Think on the dead" "This is what you will be". This Ivory Rosary is housed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan , NY.

This Vanitas Skull Figure Bust is dated to the late 17th century and was part of an exhibition humorously named ' Marble Sculpture from 350 B.C. to Last Week'. This exhibition or 'survey' includes "Greek and Roman antiques, Neoclassical sculptures, and works by modern and

Shingo Shimizu is a veritable wizard with regards to eye popping vector illustrations and no better way than to show these skills than with some skulls. La Carnita - 2013 (image below) is a lovely example of restraint and mystery. The print was limited to

We get lots of requests about the skull chairs that we post, so much so that if I had a truckload of cash I would open up a store for all the skull chairs I could find. I spotted this futuristic ceramic design on a

These cool tote bags were sent in by fellow Skull love, Kayleigh. She designs the tote bags by hand and has started selling them in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can find out more info on her Facebook page - Umeko's Desk of the Dead.  

Graphic artist, Kristy Patterson, loves creating skull designs. It's apparent in her graphic-styled illustrations, which can be found on Society 6 or Red Bubble, and contain bucket loads of skulls (obviously). It's one of the reasons we think she rocks :) From what I can see,