Fred & Friends Nomskulls is a set of 4 silicone cupcake moulds. The mould design is that of a human skull. The name comes from the expression nom nom nom which means tasty :) The moulds retail on Amazon for just $12.68.

One can never become bored with lovely patterned skulls as seen here with these detailed works of Kelly Merrell. Her detailed illustrations make some great greeting cards, available to buy from her online ETSY store and you could pretty much see these designs being used

LaFlamme has that crazy over the top illustrative style that pops with graphic detail and colours making them pretty hard to miss. Yes the style may be a bit young for me but I admire the talent and the sheer volume of designs this man

This macabre and well-crafted skull armchair was created by Harold Sangouard (aka “Harow“). We get lots of feedback from our readers about skull chair products, but please note we do not sell these - you will need to contact the creator/shop directly.

James Bareham, a New York-based photographer and part of The New Cruelty studio, created Bodies & Skulls, a series of still-life images of preserved bodies, skulls and various internal organs. I wonder if Street Anatomy has spotted these yet, as they would be the perfect fit on that blog.

Add a splash of colour to your home with this bright geometric skull and bones print called ' Cubic Skull One'. This geometric skull was created by Rock That Horse and can be purchased as a A3 print from their online store for €24. Originally found

I'm defiantly on a faceted skull spree with the latest batch of posts. The faceted bug has bitten and and can't seem to stop. This latest offering is a large scale, well I guess it's an sculpture of sorts as it's made from numerous pre-formed

This magnificent specimen of an award was created as the trophy for the RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award. The design was completed by Jacknife and explores the central theme of “visually representing the design thinking process” and they used the traditional and rather popular human skull. What a spanking

These beautifully shot black and white images by Patrick Gries feature a collection of skeletons (and skulls of course). Patrick received helped from a number of natural history and veterinary museums in France and Monaco to put the series together. I love the stark contrast of the

Being a massive fan of geometric shapes, especially skulls, I was pretty damn pleased to stumble across this massive illusion skull tattoo back piece created by Kike Bugni (Facebook and Tumblr). Kike has a  super impressive collection of geometric tattoos so if that's your kind

Daniel Trocchio has some great looking tattoo skulls in his collection, that are either on the flesh or on paper, presumably making it onto the flesh at some point in the future. The combination of baroque motifs, geometric shapes and stippled shading make from some

I rather like the evolution from simple polygon forms, that 'grow' in various stages, to  eventually depicting a smooth human skull. These polygon skulls were created by Matthew Day Jackson who is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Panorama City California. He currently lives and works

I love these series of pictures. It's a great reminder and summary of all the events that took place in 2013. If you wanted to take a look at the other pictures from 2013 then follow this link. This photo is of a soldier of the French

We have all seen the delicately beautiful 3D printed skulls by the amazing Josh Harker and now (well then) we have the pleasure of seeing this sweet collaboration between Harker and The Sugar Lab. Until I saw this sugar skull I never know that you