So in the spirit of busting our own balls over at Mr Four Fingers we decided to create illustrated business cards (Luxe from Moo). The cards are printed one side with our hand logo and the reverse has our details with a blank space left

We get so many emails from skull artists across the globe, and I am finding it hard to get back to everyone in a timely fashion so apologies about that! Every now and then though we get send an absolute gem and this explosive skull

It's been a while since we posted some sexy skull tattoos, partly because I'm dying to get another one and get rather envious when I see these sick designs, and also because I am lazy. haha. These were sent to us by Claire from California -

Yukee recently sent us some skull jewellery and I've been meaning to share his creations. These custom-made pieces look great and feature a ring, with what appears to be a dislocated jaw, and the second is a skull pendant. You can see more of Yukee's work

I definitely think of some odd things to collect and make skulls from. Fingernail skull art was not on that list. Though old blister skin was. So I should probably not find this gross at all but I do. Maybe it's the texture that freaks

I always enjoy discovering new artists, as in new to me, and today is one of those days. This clown skull figure is a painting by Phil Hale, an American figurative painter whose talent for creating electric compositions with characters that slash the divide of

I spotted these skull illustration on Behance, by artist Nick Sheehy. These are skull explorations with graphite and pencil on paper. In my opinion the red and blue lines represent the life force leaving the body. Check out the rest of Nick's profile here.

Sorry for the late posting peeps! Been a crazy day and busy prepping for an exhibition taking place at The Abbey in Kentish Town, London. We were sent these magical skull cufflinks by GothChicAccessories, who we've posted about before. You can see more of their skulltacular stuff

German-born artist, Hedi Xandt, created these beautiful "skull-ptures" using a variety of materials. The skull-ptures combine the aesthetics of naturally shaped bone with state-of-the-art and experimental production techniques. Why haven't we blogged about these before?!  This is macabre, interesting and frightening all the same time. Enjoy!

We were recently contacted by one of our fellow SAS followers about identifying a certain animal skull which we are, ehum, in the process of finding out. One our searches on the interwebs we found this cracking website called Skulls Unlimited. The collection of skulls

This dandy corpse is a wicked bit of concept art by Jason Horley. This digital vampire concept illustration, created with Photoshop took 3 days to complete. I love the ethereal lighting, simulated depth of field and the way the skin looks like wet tissue that

Here is a A-Z Skull Print by 67 inc. It's definitely a must for all skull fans and the best way to test your knowledge! The skull images were provided by Skulls Unlimited International and starts with an alligator skull ending with a zebra skull. It's

These candles come with a twist, which you only discover when the candle starts to burn. Reykjavik-based designer Thorunn Arnadottir, creator of time-stopping clocks and warm-blooded radiators, is now launching her latest project: melting kittens. Perfect timing for Halloween, Pyropet is a cat candle. As you you burn the cute

We stumbled across a quirky stall in Brick Lane in London with an array of manipulated vintage prints created by Soozy Lipsey. There was also some odd bell jars which you can check out on her website. I love these dark portraits , which remind me

This is not a skull but it will be. For some reason I decided to start collecting my own chewing gum in an effort to one day create a life size human skull. I have no idea how I will do this so if you

It just so happens that Nice Fucking T-shirts have a nice fucking skull t-shirt design. This skull design is called 'Pogo' and is designed by Alfredo Conrique A.K.A. Pogo and is available for $22 with some wicked packaging. Looking more into the artist and it