This black faceted skull called Digital Vanitas is a part of the Refabriek project together with Manystudio. This skull was created by Christian Fiebig and was made as a "physical representation and a digital shaped skull. Now going by the images the last seems to be

Nino Sarabutra, a Bangkok-based artist, used 100,000 porcelain skulls to cover the floor of the Ardel Gallery in Bangkok. Nino invites the visitors of the gallery to walk on the skulls and to contemplate their life and think about what they would leave behind. Not sure if I totally get

I saw this amazing post on 40 must-see photos from the past and spotted this anti-malaria warning message. The advertisement is for Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug, which was sold in in Papua, New Guinea during WWII. Skulls have always been an icon for death and

This creepy and possibly awkward to carry Memento Mori Watch was created by Thomas White circa 1780. If you are like me and you have no idea what 'circa' means, I can tell you it stands for 'around' as in around that time as specific

Skull and Heart is an organisation run by two people who provide a platform for various illustrators/artists by providing affordable and limited prints. They generally have artists lined up for future prints but are always open to viewing work from up and coming artists. They have

There are far too many t-shirt that I like on Shirts and Destroy. Most of the designs on here are single colour prints (probably screen print) on a majority black t-shirts with the occasional white and colour tee. These t-shirts are printed in limited runs

This slightly odd, but weirdly cool, skull flower pot was sent into us by Vicious Noodles. The skull can be bought from his website for just £22 and he also has a collection of other skull sculptures including replica skulls and skull candle holders.

Aryz, the self-proclaimed painter-of-walls, is one of the biggest names in street art right at the moment and creates the most amazing work. His work is generally massive which normally covers the side of whole buildings. This piece, featuring a skeleton can be found in Cologne,

I really like seeing images like these, where the skull is visible below the surface of the skin, like a reminder of our close bony friend. This particular skull study is created by Arnaud Kotelnikoff who is a 3D "Generalist" and is currently employed by

The future of artificial bones lies within the realms of 3D printing according to the researchers at the Tissue Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo Hospital. They have teamed up with venture capitalists Next 21 to use specialised inkjet printers to print custom artificial

This pixel skull, actually called Pixel Icons - Skull is a 500mm x 700mm limited edition screen print created by Atelier Deux-Mille. This skull print is £84 and is limted to 30 with only 8 left in stock available from Print Club London. Atelier Deux-Mille is

This unique creations are Melted Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer. Ted, like most of us, is big fan of art and music and he decided to create these skulls by placing a vinyl onto a plaster skull and then melting them so the vinyl shapes itself

This compressed moulded Cocaine Skull by Diddo, titled Ecce Animal, is doing the rounds at the moment and definitely deserves a mention. The skull has been put together using gelatin and street-sourced cocaine, which is roughly 15-20% pure. The actual process of the making of this