If you follow our skull blog at all then you'll have no doubt noticed that we've launched an online skull shop. The shop stocks a variety of skull merchandise including prints, t-shirts, jewellery, sculptures and home wares, all from a collection of artists from around

Dr. Paul Koudounaris is back with a talk on jewelled skeletons called Heavenly Bodies. We have featured Dr. Paul Koudounaris' work before when we did a piece on his book - The Empire of Death. “Dr. Paul Koudounaris (author of the goth cult classic Empire of

I feel like doing this to my face at least twice a day, though I don't reckon my skull would be as cool as this. This Day of The Dead Skull was a random Tumblr find so if you know who the artist is then please

These bird skull necklaces were created by Nouveau Motley and unfortunately , well for you guys at least, the first skull necklace below has been sold. This necklace is made from a small mid 19th century pocket case in which a finch skull was mounted

We've launched an online skull shop through our Skull Appreciation Society blog and we have just been making sure that everything is in working order before doing a big announcement. These skull bracelets are a few of the new additions to the shop and have

I often trawl our twitter account, @Skull_Society, and search for #skullart so that I can Retweet the skull love to our followers. This particular Skull Rock Sculpture is from trashyvintageglamour's Instagram, and is a beautiful installment in any garden.

This skulltastic Triceratops Skull is soon-to-be on sale at Christie's London, the famous auction house. The sale is called "Out of the Ordinary" and it is opening next month. There are over 150 other bizarre artifacts, from a caged taxidermy ostrich to a massive triceratops skull to

Pretty grim thinking that this person was alive when this was happening to their skull. The left over carnage is morbidly beautiful. Found on various blog and such so feel free to comment so we can credit the institution that owns this skull.

This evil 'Ice Scream Man' skull creation is a limited edition cone , 125 pieces and measures 7.5 " tall. Purchase form Brutherford for $75.00. (Vanilla is $50). There is also a skull mask "with toxic paint and tetanus inducing staples that hold the crappy

I just saw this on Facebook and had to share this marvellous skull pancake. Definitely the best way to start the day! I think I'll have 10. BOOM. The pic is also uncredited so If you happen to know who made it then please comment.

At first I thought some of these creations by Jeremy Fish were digital prints images but fek no they are paintings (markers and pens), sculptures and screen prints (there may be digital ones so who knows). Most of his designs are a melting pot of

Some pretty shit hot skull graffiti work from the mighty Smug One and yes he has plenty to be smug about. What I can't wrap my head around is the scale of some of these pieces and how it's all so smooth but then again