This Pac Man skull was sent to us by a skull fan on our FB wall. The pacman skull was made in 2002 by, French artist Le Gentil Garçon. Pacman's iconic shape will feel most people with nostalgia and this skull sculpture of this famous

We, through Mr Four Fingers, originally started this blog through our love for skulls. We love creating skulls through illustration, painting and sometimes even sculpting and this latest one is called Mind Hive, which was created for our exhibition What Lies Beneath. The piece was finally

This scary looking skull is an altered deer skull freakishly combined with spare bike parts. The final result reminds me of that cat skull fella from the film '9' that kept giving everyone a bad day. This skull was a submission from artist duo Mark Grieve

Again, you guys are making my job easy! We were sent this skull by Gorellaume, whose website is called Necessary Experience, and he collaborated with another amazing artist called Monsieur Qui. Do yourselves a favour, click on the image and make it bigger, or better yet, go find

I love the fact that since we started this blog all of our mates send us cool skulls they find from the oddest of places, like this pea skull here.My mate Dan sent us this pic which he took at the Lambeth Country fair. The pea skull

I'm absolutely blown away by these oil paintings by Charlie Immer and these few skulls are only a glimpse of what this man has to show. At a glance his work seems bright and friendly but soon you realise there is a whole lot of

Welcome to Death's bakery by the looks of all the skulls and bread. If you look close enough (ok it's pretty obvious) you can see the hidden skull made out of the ladies clothes and basket. I especially like the ponytail detail on top of

This is a obvious sign that Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons, is coming for the British Crown. Or maybe she has already been and we defeated her and her dragon-army and this bad-boy skull just washed up on the shore, after evading fossil hunters for years and

Skull-styled rings are all the rage at the moment, and why not. The shape of a skull works perfectly with the style of a ring and these Macabre Gadgets rings are fine examples of that. The rings are handmade with an industrial material and mass production,

Yes this is not a real dragon's skull but it is still pretty creepy. This weird little plant is called a Snapdragon or  Dragon flower or, if you want to sound even smarter, The Antirrhinum. Once the flower has died, the seed pod begins to

Christine's husband left a comment in our contact section with a link to her work and we were happy to do a post about it. Christine Polis does a variety of things including creating dolls, stop-motion puppets and illustrations. Her work has a similar feel

I wonder what the reaction would be if you turned up at one of those fantasy/medieval battles they have in parks (not actually sure where), wearing this skull helm , kitted out in full armour astride a massive warhorse. Shitting all round I'm guessing. This amazing

This shiny black obsidian skull was tracked back through numerous Tumblr accounts to what seems to be the originators, Skullis, who we have featured a few times. I can't seem to find the actual link to this skull as there are hundreds. This skull measures 5.3