I spotted this skull desktop background for the month of June, for computers, mobiles and tablet, on the Skull-a-Day website. The design was done by Canadian artist, Dan Springer, who was also featured in the recent FACE OFF exhibition for Skull Appreciation Day. Click on the

Street Anatomy and Skull-a-Day recently celebrated Skull Appreciation Day by holding the FACE OFF Exhibition, where artists were allowed to submit a skull and then it was dissected in half and joined with another skull, from a different artist to bring you an amazing collection

If you fancy some porcelain animal skulls then head over to Oakleaf & Acorn and grab yourself one or all ( a mantlepiece covered in them is one idea). One of the options is a beaver skull with 23k gold glaze teeth. Having visited the

You would not really know it from the Captain America movie but Red Skull, Captain America's arch nemesis, is actually ranked as "IGN'S 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time". (Wicki). But we are here today to show you this awesome illustration of Red