We often get fellow skull lovers sharing their skulls with us though our Facebook page and the contact section on our website. We absolutely love that you are all getting involved in our society! It looks like Lizzie is starting her own Skull Appreciation Society with

This incredible skull Absinthe spoon was created by designer, jeweller and metalsmith Tam Gannon. This shiny skull is made from surgical grade stainless steel, fine silvers and an oval onyx and was a gift for fellow skull lover Gerrard King. Love the coffin shaped detail. For

SAS welcomes back the talented and diverse Gerrard King with his new range of skull t-shirts. You will have seen these skulls before as we have posted about them in the past. I must admit, when I initially saw these skulls, I thought they were

YMT Design, an Australian based artists and designer, created these amazingly detailed skull illustrations. The intricate elements of each piece have you staring at each  illustrations for hours.

Street Anatomy and Skull-A-Day are giving away one signed FACE OFF gallery show poster to a lucky fan! The poster is the feature image for Skull Appreciation Day 2013. Reflecting the theme of the show, Face Off, the skull poster features the digitally fused skull artwork of both curators, Noah

These interestingly morbid skull paintings are by Mike Egan. Mike is a Pitsburgh-based artist and I found him through the latest Street Anatomy and Skull-a-Day Skull Appreciation Day show. There is definite reference to religion and death in his works, so not big talking points

Whilst stumbling about on the net I found this creepy looking guy called The Skull Man, who is the main character in a Shōnen manga series created by Shotaro Ishinomori in 1970. It caused a sensation as The Skull Man was the first of the

These animal skull wearing guys were a part of the festivities and celebrations at the recent 2013 Rijeka Carnival in Croatia. Rijeka is located in Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and a quick search on Google Images will show you how beautiful

I went to South Africa a few months ago to spend my 30th with my friends and family and had arranged with my younger brother to get matching skull tattoos. It was my bro's first tattoo and I had already convinced him that skulls would

This red skull t-shirt is available to buy from Fangoria, an internationally distributed US film fan magazine that specializes in the horror genre. If you find out they are still selling this skull t-shirt then please do let us know.  

It's so simple and yet so bloody skull-marvellous. This pencil skull collage was found on Pinterest - I searched for about 30 minutes for the artists but a man's gotta eat! Which means I needed to cook some grub. Feel free to share the artist

Monday mornings are great when you get to feast your eyes on these amazing 3D digital skull illustrations by Antonio Tudisco. Antonio is a German artist and graphic designer and creates a variety of 3d illustrations. His work is a vibrant kaleidoscope of 3D magic