Not only can Brian Morris draw skulls but he can also adapt his skills to painting his skulls on all sorts of vinyl toys and ceramic figures. Be sure to check out his website, with what is the weirdest web domain name I have seen 

Some amazing skull photography by Robin Loznak. He does not normally photograph skulls as this was only a way to show off his new studio upgrade for better and seamless backgrounds. We are glad he did because they are great. You can check out the rest

Whilst perusing the net for a skull I found that Herbie the famous beetle has a darker side. Ok I made that up but I have a feeling this may be what the artist was intending, a kinda darker and filthier Herbie. This illustration was

This Little Shop of Horrors Skeleton, titled Audrii muscipula, is by Tim Price from Forgotten Boneyard. The skeleton is made up of Mink vertebrae, box turtle shells, skunk skull, coyote teeth, and raccoon mandibles. I actually remember the Little Shop of Horrors as being my favourite

Here are two damn delicious looking skulls (skull figured) from illustrator John Filipe that are both available as various sized prints from Society6. These prints are Giclee quality and being Society 6 these designs are also available on a variety of other products like canvas,

I've had these pictures sitting in my Dropbox for months, but the street art is still there, and can be found on Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane, so thought it's about time I pulled finger and gave these skulls a mention. Dscreet does loads

These fragmented skull paintings are collectively called 'Doom Loop' followed by piece number. For instance the first image below is 'Doom Loop 19' and were originally created with Cel-Vinyl Acrylic (not sure how it differs from standard Acrylic?) on paper by artist Tim Biskup. I 

We have featured place card holder skulls from D.L. & Co before but now we are back with another post and loads more skulls! Below are a selection of these skulls but make sure to visit their online store to see the whole range. Black Skull

Found this skull image online on another Tumblr blog where the masses of Tumblr folk have once again not bothered to credit the artist/creator/photographer. Cheers guys, YOU SUCK! Here it is anyway. It's a bit odd but it's  a powerful image complete with animal skull and

If you've ever been to London then you'll know that one of these skull umbrellas is an essential piece of kit when trying to stay warm. You could need one at any time of any season - chances of rain are pretty good. Both can be