If you have no idea what 'Skull Corpsing' is then you are not alone but with a little time to linger on it we're are you would have worked it out. 'Skull Corpsing' is when you take a skull, well a  replica of a skull

This skull creation made from wood is from the hands of artist Ben Greener and is available as a print from his online presence at Saatchi Online. For some reason it reminds me of a small scale Wicker Man but one I would rather not

Endless has created another interesting skull print and I'm happy to be able to share it with our society of skull lovers! I've also been noticing some of his street art in East London round the Brick Lane, Old Street and Shoreditch areas and would

These skull wedding cake have been created by Conjurer’s Kitchen, food artist Annabel de Vetten, for the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham. The theme for the skulltacular wedding cake is 'Till Death Do Us Part,' and it looks delightfully delicious.

This enormous and beautifully gaudy skull sculpture was created by famous artists Niki de Saint Phalle and is situated at Missouri Botanical Gardens. This particular image is an eery photograph taken by Slopjockey on Deviant Art and was a bookmarked image from ages ago. I

Cindy Wright has an amazingly beautiful and gruesome collection of oil paintings, a couple of which feature skulls. It has been a long time since I have seen such clean and hyper real paintings that display such a delicate beauty. Be sure to check out

This crochet skull shawl may not keep you very warm but at least you will be cool. Not sure who created this crochet skull shawl as I found it on numerous Pinterest and Tumblr accounts that didn't feature the artist name or where you can

This dripping chocolate skull t-shirt design called Bitter Teeth (dark chocolate teeth?) designed by Ibrahim Dilek on Threadless inspired Chloe Bird so much that she decided to make an actual Bitter Teeth chocolate cake skull! The front of the skull and jaw were created with

These oddly shaped neon skulls have been created by Portland-based artist Eric Franklin. This trio of skulls are lit internally by ionised neon, krypton and mercury, and have been created using a network of glass tubes, tightly sealed together in a vacuum. I'm not really sure

I recently went to Paris and found a few skulls which I wanted to share with you all - I do not know the names of the shops/artists/creators so if you recognise any then please share the names with us. I was hoping to find

This skull mosaic by Charis Tsevis has been doing the rounds so if you've seen it before then we hope you've enjoyed seeing it again. It is made up of tiny skulls to make up a larger skull - I guess you could call it skullception. Charis'