I actually shared this on our Facebook page already but added it to the list as it needed to feature on the society wall of appreciation. This sculpted baby skull lamp has been created by Norrin Radd and is cast in herculite plaster, brass or

Jacky Tsai, a designer who used to work for Alexander McQueen, is currently working on his own fashion line. These decorative floral skulls are stunning and are part of a larger body of work which includes a number of prints, sculptures and drawings. We're glad to see

This gorgeous golden melting skull is by Swedish-born artist Malin Isaksson. It was spotted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and is called 'He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest.' The skull was water-gilded with 23.75 karat gold and made of plaster, clay, gesso and bole.

This beautifully shot Barbary lion skull is currently on display at the Natural History Museum in London and was photographed by Harry Taylor. I found this image on the Guardian Eyewitness app on my iPad - probably one of the coolest apps I have.

Pretty intense skull murals and art by Hungarian street artist Fat Heat. He has a superb array of images in his portfolio and many crazy skulls strewn about. His 'About' section is quite a refreshing read, no bullshit and pomp, just passion. Fat Heat's art

Tim McDonagh has a lovely portfolio bursting with warm and detailed illustrations and as luck would have it he has some dark skull figures as well. One of these skull characters is called Lady of the Flowers (2nd image) and can be purchased as a

This 3-dimensional skull, by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, was part of Noblesse Oblige art show in LA and is comprised of a stack of $11,000 in cut, un-cut currency sheets. Funnily enough I have seen this skull before and was meant to post about it ages ago too. Better late than

Benoit Polveche AKA Benalo from Deviant Art certainly has some creepy sculptural creations many of which include beautiful skulls. There is also a creepy skeletal figure with what seems like a porcelain doll face. This was a collaborative piece between Benalo and Christine Polis. Be sure

Nickel carving originated in the 18th century and the coins themselves were referred to as Hobo Nickels - the name is derived from the great depression when unemployed artists spent their time carving these little pieces of art in the hope to make some extra

Li Hongbo uses layers of paper to create life-size flexible art sculpures. This video shows a variety of his work, including a skull piece, and talks about his latest exhibition, aptly named Pure White Paper, at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney Australia. Li Hongbo