One of our previous posts showed some insane skull carvings on buffalo skulls available from Beachcomber (Yorkshire, England) has smashed out almost 200K Stumbles on StumbleUpon (not sure if that sentence is correct). Anyway, they are awesome. We have posted a few times about these amazing

Freelance artist Meg Coleman has some fantastic skull sculptures or in her words 'Skull-pture' (Nice one!). She is presently interested in the "beauty of the remnants left after life'. That is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have read. Meg currently has two forms

I was first introduced to Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup quite awhile ago with his Flora Skull piece. An amazingly intricate massive graphite drawing of skull that is essentially a mass of plants. This behemoth took 100hrs to create and I can only imagine how many

This coconut skull has found it's way into the dark folds of the Skull Appreciation Society and we all welcome you. This fiendish mask-like skull was carved by skull nut (badum tish) Scott Middlehurst,  a self taught artists hailing from Canada. Scott has made me

These chocolate skulls are available from Rosetta Brands for a whopping £349.99 each. These skulls are made from Belgian chocolate with a stomach busting weight of 2.5kgs. Each skull is cast by hand and carefully detailed . For example the the white skull is dusted

This king skull grinder (for 'herbs') also states there are shark teeth but as you can see they are just spikes. Would have been mental if they were real shark teeth. This skull grinder is available for purchase on Amazon for £4.80

Here is another magnificent skull print by God Machine. Here is the description from God Machine's online shop: "Lilith It is said that Lilith was created at the same time as Adam like an equal, unlike Eve who was made from Adams rib. Lilith refused to be subservient

Now you can spread butter like a king. Check out these skull butter knives from Amazon. The knives are labelled as - Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Set of 4 Spreaders - and will set you back $11.08 (on offer).

The Empire of Death by Paul Koudounaris is a must-have book for any skull lover. I was lucky enough to win this beautiful edition through another skull-themed website called Obsessed With Skulls. I actually received my signed copy around 16:30 on Christmas eve, and boy was

This colourful skull created by artist Jim Riswold pokes a playful finger at Damien Hirsts 'For the Love of God' diamond encrusted skull. This donut sprinkle version is called 'Make Believe Damien Hirst For The Love of God' is available for purchase as a limited

Johanna Silvester is a Kenyan born artist who created this awesome sand cast aluminium Lion Skull. This skull is based on an actual lion called Scaramanger! He was the pride male on Loisaba Wilderness between 2001 and 2003. Loisaba Wilderness is a conservation project in

For the person who has everything this life-sized 24 karat golden skull is the perfect gift. At a whopping $2200 this skull will definitely burn a large whole in anyone's pocket, well maybe not anyone but you get the picture. The skull is available for

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These delightful little crocheted skulls were shared with us on Facebook by the creator herself - Dewey Decimal Crafts and can be found on her Etsy store here. They come in a variety of sizes and sets and you can also buy them in sets.