Tired of small paperweights? Then why not splash out on this hand carved skull made from bamboo leaf agate. It weighs about 2.8 kgs, is a one-off design and will burn a $1250.00 size hole in your pocket. Can be purchased from Stone Age Sedona

The Lake Monsters Dredge 'Bone' edition from Rotofugi & Brian Morris is an menacing looking sculpture/toy but there's nothing wrong with adding some delightfully evil skull sculptures to the collection! The Bone version features is ivory vinyl with a two-tone brown paint treatment. The Lake Monster

Holy skull balls, it's Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! We launched the Skull Appreciation Society earlier this year and we want to thank you for all your support over 2012. We've got some exciting developments happening in 2013 so be sure to come back for

I have seen this Donald Duck skull a short while ago but has since taken me ages to post about it. This cartoon Duck  is called Dunkelheit which I think means 'Darkness' and is created from painted resin. Having a look through Jiri Gellers portfolio

These beautiful sugar-skull inspired skull incense burners are the bomb. The skulls were original sculpted by hand by Nicola, founder of IN HER GLORY, and every skull incense burner is created from a mould and then made unique as they are all painted by hand. The incense burners are

As well as being skull lovers on SAS, we are also skull fiends over at Mr Four Fingers (our illustration conduit). Here are a few pieces we left in the streets of London recently. These are part of a bigger Left and Found series where

Ever wondered what a Gremlin skull looked like when not half melted? Well here you go! This horrible little  resin skull was painstakingly hand panted for realistic bone look by Mark AKA Howlrunner and was initially found on The RPF. Delightfully evil work Mark.

These cute wood skulls (that's what I said) are created from pine with a lid that uncovers a secret compartment. Well maybe not so secret but it's still cool. I know what quite a few people would use this for. These carved wood skulls are available

Jirat Patradoon is an Australian artist/illustrator/graphic designer. His skull-based graphic art is bold, colourful, very striking and is a take on the 'stoic nature of macho pop culture,' which is a quote taken directly from Jirat's website. He creates character-styled visual art of fictional worlds

What better way to clad your feet than in some Iron Fist Bonebreaker Skull Platforms. However it may be little uncomfortable for me to wear initially but sacrifices can be made. These skull platforms can be purchased  from  MMA online store and can be bought for €83.15 .