Snob Mob have some pretty damn cool skull skull t-shirts ranging from £15-£25 by a mix of established and new illustrators. I partiuculary like the detail on Skull Muck (I own this one) by Burlisaurus and a great Drippy skull by Matt Glasby. Be sure to

We recently stumbled upon some cool vector and photoshop illustrations featuring skulls by Joe Murtagh and one of his skull creations even has a tash, nicely timed for ol Movember. I shall contribute my 'mocha stained' upper lip. When I say he loves skull I

When we started this blog I never realised how much one could love gifs. So simple but they can really bring a standard photo/image to life. Here are some more skull gifs that I found on Tumblr. Unfortunately the peeps on Tumblr just like sharing

We love all things skulls, not just amazing illustrations and artwork. Saying that here are a couple of interesting looking skull chairs I have been collecting.  I have credited where I could so if you see a chair without proper accreditation and you know you

These skull-based illustrations are by Mexico City's Smithe. The style is a mixture between vintage, the crazy and the grotesque. I actually saw these on Juxtapoz not so long ago and have been dying to share them with you. His illustration work is amazing and

Ever fancy buying some ceremonial skulls? Well now you can lay your hands on your choice of Ceremonial Monkey Skull or if  sheep are more your thing, then purchase yourself a Sheep Skull used in Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic Rituals. Ideal Christmas gifts are they not? Both available from

I've seen quite a few variations of the cyborg skull and this is one of the more interesting ones. It's been designed by Christopher Conte is expertly made and is extremely cool. You'll generally see very generic cyborg skulls or those similar to the robots

Mr Ojey 80 is another skull appreciation lover and sent us his collection of digital skulls on Facebook. I promised to share them and why wouldn't I. They are skullarific. Mr Ojey is also a skilled graffiti artist and you can check out his blog

Shit be popping yo. Check out these skull high top trainers (that's the correct term isn't it?) from Nike, trainers that I would not wear myself but people out there will be wearing them, possibly even as I type these words. Buy a pair of these

Head over to Rigu and grab yourself one of these skull camera straps for DSLRs. These white skulls are printed into denim, they are backed with neoprene for comfort and available for £16.99 (free Uk delivery and cheap flat rate for European and International orders) Visit

We featured Godmachine a couple of weeks back and now I have the pleasure of sharing one of his skull prints I recently bought called Monk. This A2 screen print is currently sold out but be sure to follow  Godmachine on Facebook or sign up

This skull sticker collection named 'Gums and Roses' was designed by Shaun Oakley, a South African born graphic designer. I spotted these skull stickers on Behance and some of Shaun's other work features skulls too so be sure to have a look at his profile. Shaun,