We celebrated Halloween this last weekend, on the 27th, and it was fricken amazing. 5 parties, 1 Night, loads of Halloween costumes and 1 massive hangover. I went as Rude Boy Skeletor while my girlfriend, Sharona, went as Skeletor's Mistress. D2G, the other half of

Skull Appreciation Society welcomes Senor Salmes skull illustrations to the fold. This guy has some great linework illustrations and most of the time the are coloured digitally with warm retro-esque feel. The prints are available to buy from his online store on Society 6.  

These brightly coloured skulls have been created by Steve Locatelli. I love seeing skulls used in street art and I've spotted quite a few in London but the problem is sometimes it's hard to credit the artist/creator correctly, especially if the tag has faded or

Keith Thompson has a prodiguous amount of talent and it's a good thing he has some skulls in his designs, giving me a good excuse to share with you skull overs. The first illustration I found  is the first image below entitled Apollonian Wight and

It's Halloween weekend and we hope you have got your costume ready! We also hope that it includes a skull in some shape or form. I personally have got my character done and dusted - going as gangster-skeletor and will upload some pictures early next

I often find amazing images on Tumblr accounts and as with most if these accounts they rarely link to the artists or provide the name of the artist. So a big thank you to Google Images as your image search thing is awesome, this way

This is the second skull tattoo video time-lapse we've posted from Dark Design Graphics. The tattoo design features 3 skulls on top of each other surrounded by roses and a number of other different flowers. It's a beautiful piece of work and I would love

These beautifully painted skulls were sent to us by Gerrard King from Axis Creative Industries. The skulls are all hand painted, except the last one which has been created using photoshop. You can order these painted skulls by contacting them on their website. The skulls

Through Mr Four Fingers we've been lucky enough to meet some really cool up-and-coming artists in London. Endless is one of these artists and we're happy to be showing you some of his work here on the Skull Appreciation Society. Endless has a very distinctive

I'm very tempted to buy this Werewolf Skull Bandana for use when cycling in London. I may get some weird  looks but then again it's London and there is weird shit all over the place. This cotton skull bandana measures 22"x22" and is really soft

I know I have mentioned Noah Scalin's skull work before, a few times, but it's hard not too when he's so active and talented when it comes to his creative and design influence of this iconic motif. His skull font, called the Skullphabet, featured in

Skeletor was the arch nemesis to He-Man, the master of the universe. You have to be a hardcore bad-ass to be able to stand the onslaught from the man who harnesses the power of GRAYSKULL. To be honest I'm not sure why it has taken me this long

This transformation mask, carved from cedar wood, is inspired by traditional Native American masks. These masks are normally used in tribals dances with the outer mask being an animal visage that opens to reveal an inner carved human face. This is Anthony Santellas version and