At first I had no idea what this was, but now I know, it's a steam engine skull. Obviously. This skull was sent to us by one of our Facebook followers - cheers Mo! This skull piece is called the Steam of Consciousness by CHRISTOPHER CONTE, 2012. The

Glen Preece, a UK based artist who specialises in portraiture, creates these fine art skulls using pencil and/or an oily dry brush to create photo realistic drawings. Welcome to the Skull Appreciation Society Glen - we fricken love your skulls. Keep 'em coming. Fine Art Skulls

Some of the most delectable chocolate skulls that you will ever wraps your lips around. Sadly these chocolates are no longer available but what I can tell you is that they were created by Valerie Confections and the range was priced at $40 -$90. Yes,

Found this delightful skull shadow box on Tristan Robins blogspot. Not much other information apart from the the fact that it was an "El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) shrine". So of you know who it was created by then drop us

Skull Appreciation Society welcomes another awesome skull into the fold. Today we present you this colourfully tessellated skull madness from the mind of British illustrator Steven Gregg. The original skull was drawn with fineliner and then coloured digitally. This bright skull illustration is a digital print

Mr Tree, Joseph Motas, is a Spanish designer currently living in Barcelona. He has a very diverse portfolio ranging from simple pattern making to lighting and furniture design. One of the styles which sets him apart is his patterns and the repitition of these which

These skullified dudes take me back to the 80's when I was just a wee nipper playing WWIII in the garden with my set of green army men, using tom thumbs to blow off plastic appendages. I wish I had a set of these indestructible

Agus Suwage's skull-inspired artwork are all replica works of other famous art pieces, except Agus uses skulls in his work. If you know which pieces of art these are taken from please leave a comment in the comments section.

I went to the South of Italy, Gallipoli to be exact, and built this beach skull out of seaweeds, shells and bamboo. Granted, it's no Picasso, but I still love it. Or maybe Instagram just made it cool.

Custom toy skulls by Taiwan based artists '13'. These skulls are currently sold out (£15 a pop) but one can always hope that they will make another appearance. I would definitely like to see a key chain attached to this, making my bunch of keys

Jan Fabre is one seriouly talented fella with his creative flair applied to many areas, including stage direction, scuplture and designing to name but a few. Good to see that this multi faceted artist has included some skulls to his already immaculate CV. These skulls are