Found this odd skull stuffed with what almost appears to be potpourri. What is even stranger is the post that accompanied this image, where a guy complains about cranial pain. If anybody knows where this skull image is originally from then please do let us know. Found

The only other time I have seen a ball of creatures was in the classice  space horror movie called Critters (may have been Critters 2). However, this creation of mouse skulls is definitely more beautiful, if not safer to humankind. Alastair Mackie creates the skull

I definitely want to collage some skull after seeing these beauties. Yes I may use left over Chicken Cottage wrappers but I shall try! These skillfully papered skulls can be found online as a part of the RARA Collective, which can be viewed at Saatchi Online. Various

Dead Man's Tales is a series of illustrations by Derek Nobbs. The series is inspired by a number of ports including Marseilles, Rotterdam and Buenos Aires in the twentieth Century. The illustrations all feature skulls which is why they have featured on the Skull Appreciation's

In February this year, artist Bill Fick smashed out this gruesome skull lithograph at Vermillion Editions in Amarillo, Texas. Well, they created as many as they could in three days. Fecal Face website has a detailed post showing the process for this piece and other designs

German artists Clemens Behr often creates multi faceted, almost organic creations that seem to move and grown onto walls and creep across the pavements. He mainly uses card and cardboard for these pieces. I stumbled across this huge skull he created in Postbahnhof, Berlin which

These violins have been carved into glorious skulls. What's more is that they don't need an acoustic body to resonate, but what the fuck do I know about violins - I'm just quoting a user from Imgur, where this picture was found.

I will often spend more time than necessary banging out possible names for illustration pieces instead of telling it how it is. TWIY has no such compunctions as clearly shown in the naming of this intricate skull piece titled 'BIG FUCK OFF SKULL'. This design was

I recently  purchased some awesome Pale Horse t-shirts and as a sweet little freebie there were some pretty damn neat stickers thrown in. One of the m happens to be an awesome skull. If you are interested you can Read the t-shirt review over at

I love finding freaky skull shit and did some exploring. I found these gross and a little sickening skull scarification scars on a few strange blogs. Not sure if it's my cup of tea but they certainly deserve their spot on the Society wall of