Featured on This is Colossal were these amazingly intricate hand rendered skulls from the hand of Melissa Murillo A.K.A. Meyoko. I admire work like this, not only for originality but for the dedication it takes to complete illustrations so elaborate.             

These beautiful, subtle and delicately sinister skulls are created by Karl Kwansy and you check them out at his Deviant Art account under the name Monavx. Most are created with watercolor and finished in photoshop. Originally found on Design You Trust.           

Subtle use of the skull by the master of otherworldly perspective that warps the mind, Mr M.C. Escher. This particular image was created by Mezzotint and is the reason this piece has such amazing tonality.

The Asmat Tribe, from Irian Jaya Indonesia, collect and worship ancestor skulls to remember their deceased family members. The tribes all decorate the skulls differently, in this case the Asmat Tribe use feathers, seeds and carved sea shell rings to decorate their skulls. We found these

Some dark skull action from Jonathan Foerster on Depthcore. His highly layered and textured digital designs are dark fantasy worlds where I wouldn't mind visiting. Jonathan also has his on website called 'At Least We Dream' which is worth a visit.

If L.S.D. had an art form it would most definitely be that of Matei Apostolescu. These insane and  mesmerizing skulls have some odd, kinda futuristic, forms that I have not seen before, which leave me a little spooked and salivating. It's weird I know. Each of

Found this simply intricate (yes that's what I said)  maze-like skull on Baubauhaus, created by Partel Oliva. Not sure what it was for  as a tried checking out Partel's  website only to find information on wedding decorations.