This lovely object of pain was created by none other than Alexander McQueen. Yes I will take a punch in the face with this, might as well do it in style. Not sure where this can be purchased as it is no longer featured in

Pretty damn awesome skull bandana designed by Chris over at Pale Horse Design. It's a limited edition screen print on lightweight fabric with dimensions of 21" x 21" and can be bought from the online store for $10.

Crazy good illustrations from Boneface that feature some skulls. Well one with a skull and one with a man with a painted skull but skulls all the same. Love the guys style of clean lines and textures.

A few months ago Alex Konahin's skulls were bouncing around various blogs leaving a trail of appraise in their wake. So it seems only fitting that his amazing skulls have found their way here. Alex creates his skulls with a dip pen and ink and

If you have ever played Modern Warfare 2 then you will be aware of a character called Ghost that wears an ominous skull mask / balaclava. Alright for a character in a game but some folk have the idea that it's cool to wear in

Have not checked out the awesome art by Ryohei Hase in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find  one of his latest pieces feature skulls. This piece which remains untitled is powerful and only upon close inspection can you see that the creature is

Skull, bones and secret initiations. Sounds like a good party. This Skull & Bones, auctioned at Christies, was used at the infamous secret society by the same name and has been a closely guarded secret since its inception in 1832. For all it's history I

An art installation involving skulls with eyes that track you as you walk by. This concept was created by Louis-Philippe Demers who often creates "large-scale installations and performances" with a main focus on robotics. This particular installation is called Area V5 after the visual area