Not only is Scott Campbell is pretty decent tattoo artists but he also has some  interesting alternative outlets for his creative nature. Skulls inside eggs has to be one of the most interesting places I have seen someone put them (pen?). Maybe he should buy

Interesting skull design by James White. This fictional horror movie poster is based on the classic but vague "movie posters from the 1970's". I like the style of  this as it's a nice blend of stark shapes, hints of texture and emanating heat. Oh yes

Some pretty sweet skulls over at Digisin Apparel. These skulls and other designs are currently all on sale for £14 until Monday 2nd of July, so grab some while you can. The artwork is printed Direct to Garment, so the finished product is pretty damn good

This Star Skull Print by Ben Allen and is part of the Dirty Sexy Money solo show. The print is limited to 30 and you can get your hands on one of these amazing prints for £220. Ben's got some amazing other work too and you

We found a selection of Skull Tote Bag from various websites. Check them out and appreciate. Skull Tote Bag by Bold Banana Black Anatomical Skull Tote Bag Skull Tote Bag by Supermarket HQ Sugar Skull Tote bag by Dress Wicked

Now this is what I call a lavish collection of skulls. The cheapest skull you can purchase on Lion and Sons * is the Original Skull in Black/White at a solid $12,500 (no gemstones) and goes all the way up to the Divora Skull in yellow gold with white sapphires at a cool $34,000.

I wonder if you can add a lightbulb to these and turn them into ludicrously posh desk lamps. Though it might look a little out of place on my cluttered desk among ink pots and stained coffee mugs.

* UPDATE – Lions and Sons does not seem to exist anymore.


Ok it's not a real skull made from dead jellyfish . That would be insane and actually quite cool, if not a little gross. Though this is also a pretty odd skull from the mind of Chris Dippner.

We love all things skulls, including great bands like the Band of Skulls. I only recently heard of them because they were the opening band for the recent Black Keys tour – which was apparently very cool – and everyone was going on about how good they were. They were not wrong. They are brilliant.

What type of society would we be if we didn’t acknowledge skulls and great music at the same time.