I you love skulls then chances are you will have heard of Paul Alexander Thornton. His work is some of the best ballpoint pen action you will see and often his work has ink splashes and stains that add warmth, texture and life to many of his pieces.

Check out his Facebook profile as he updates quite regularly.

One of the best skull t-shirts I have seen with regards to trying something a little different to the traditional front on image of a skull. The Knocked Speechless title also has nice connotations for me as I wonder what the hell happened to the guy. You can buy here for $24.

You can watch the time lapse video showing the vector work for the skull here. Another reason for me to get a Wacom tablet.

Now this is what I call a lavish collection of skulls. The cheapest skull you can purchase on Lion and Sons * is the Original Skull in Black/White at a solid $12,500 (no gemstones) and goes all the way up to the Divora Skull in yellow gold with white sapphires at a cool $34,000.

I wonder if you can add a lightbulb to these and turn them into ludicrously posh desk lamps. Though it might look a little out of place on my cluttered desk among ink pots and stained coffee mugs.

* UPDATE – Lions and Sons does not seem to exist anymore.


WOW. Another Skulltacular Carved Buffalo Skull from Beachcomber! We’ve already posted some of these amazing carved skulls from Beachcomber and so far that has proved to be our most popular post. The detail is crazy and these skull carvings are works of art.

If you are interested in buying the skulls then contact Beachcomber here.

We love all things skulls, including great bands like the Band of Skulls. I only recently heard of them because they were the opening band for the recent Black Keys tour – which was apparently very cool – and everyone was going on about how good they were. They were not wrong. They are brilliant.

What type of society would we be if we didn’t acknowledge skulls and great music at the same time.