Even if you don’t know the reference for this mask, as in the game Army of Two, you will probably still find it pretty damn wicked. For some reason it reminds me of Batman when he was purchasing material for his headgear.

This Army of Two skull mask, perfect for halloween, is made form ABS plastic and is only $17.95. I’m not into mask buying but that seems cheap to me. Though you might get shafted on shipping.

This may not be recent, but as it’s a skull it should be here all the same. This pretty awesome faceted skull ring was created by Mastermind Japan X and Core Jewels. Those are rare black diamonds you and there are four designs to choose from. Matermind Japan is also a skull nut, his company logo is a skull and bones, so no doubt he will be on Skull Appreciation Society many times.

I looked into where you can buy them but the link on Freshness is a little defunct. So I think they are all sold out by now. If they are still out there and you can find them, make sure you have some deep pockets as these skull rings range from $6000 – $16000.


This battle-ready skull looks beautifully dangerous. Named the ‘Skull of Sarah Winchester’ the skull was created by Ron Ulicny and was displayed at Grand Central Art Centre.

Not quite sure why it has been placed on a rather tame teapot holder which my grandmother would be ashamed of, but there you go. I’m just nit picking here trying to stop myself from having a skullasm. It’s oh-so-glorious, the skull of war (new name!), I just hope it doesn’t get placed next to the fire so those bullets get the chance to warm up.


These skull paintings and screen prints from Tom French are incredible!  Allusions is a screen print which was inspired by other skulltastic work in Tom’s Shrouded Perceptions. The skulls are hauntingly good with portraits of women expertly painted inside to create an illusion.

The dripping skulls could be mascots for our society. They are that fucking cool. Cracking job on the skull action Tom! We, as the Skull Appreciation Society, salute you.


Our love for skulls helped us find this beauty. It’s a Skull Chandelier by Kelly Lamb. Now before you go on about how impractical it is let’s take a step back and admire this amazing piece of skull art!


There you go. It’s absolutely fricken Skull-marvelous. We wouldn’t be a legitimate society if we didn’t post this on our site and we know you secretly want one. Even if you have a 1 bed studio apartment in the basement. You dirty skull lover!! haha

Skull Chandelier


I have been following James Jean now for a couple of years and love his work. He is an amazing artist and has a variety of talents some of which include, illustration, art, painting and jewellery design.

I saw this Bone Tee and absolutely love the skull design. The skull is made up of broken fragments and soft floral pieces. The Tee really is Skulltastic.