Skull jewelry by Heist

deathbeforedishonor_brass_front_150_1024x1024doubleskull_ring_top_150_1024x1024We at the Skull Society have been lucky enough to see some incredible skull jewelry but OMG are we in absolute love with Heist.

Heist is a label for crafty captains and sultry sirens, beautiful beasts and beastly burdens, lovers, fighters, riders and racers.  They makes stuff worth stealing, and yes, we totally would.

Heist jewelry is made in Bali, Indonesia from solid 925 silver, gold and white brass and semi-precious stones sourced from India. Heist signature unisex rings pack a solid punch, weighing in at over 42 grams. They are not for fainters, fairies or followers.

Check out the selection of rings and other incredible jewelry on the website and on Etsy.