The Skull Appreciation Society is the world’s biggest skull blog in the world where millions of skull-lovers browse the best skull artists and skulls in all shapes, sizes, and mediums.

SAS is a community of like-minded, creative souls who share a love for the iconic skull. We are a collective of artists, sculptors, painters, and jewelry makers.

We invite you to join us in appreciation of this symbol, a representation of our own mortality, and the celebration of life.











Skull Appreciation Society is a community for the skull enthusiast. It was originally created to find, document and share with you the very best skulls in all shapes, sizes and mediums. Thanks to our fans, followers and artists, the site has grown into a skull marketplace and now acts as a portal for independent artists and galleries to showcase and sell their work to a global audience.

Knowing you love skulls and actually being proud enough to shout it from the proverbial online rooftops is what sets us apart! Our passion for skulls was born through the art we create through Mr Four Fingers. We wanted to create a website dedicated to skulls in all their shapes and forms, a portal into a world of life, death and beauty, and a place where other skull lovers could come and join us in appreciation of this iconic symbol.

Unburden yourself from the stigma surrounding skulls. Skulls, although a representation of death, can also be a celebration of life, a symbol of what was and what will be. The Skull Appreciation Society hopes to change the perception of how we see skulls in our modern lives and show you their true beauty through  art, sculpture and design.

Lovers of this iconic have used skulls to express themselves for thousands of years through their art and their story. We hope to support and add value to this continued tradition by bringing to you an endless supply of skulls direct to your doorstep, be it through our blog, the shop, partner galleries and our own exhibitions. We will not stop until we share with you every skull ever created.

Lose yourself in our collection of skulls brought to you by skull artists, creators, dreamers and creatives from every corner of the world, and then put together by our passionate team of friends and skull aficionados.

Share with us your skulls, your friend’s skulls – not the actual ones – and any skull you think is worth of our wall of appreciation. We love skulls in all their shapes and sizes and would like to collect them all. Here, on this site. For the world to see.