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This striking carved skull violin is by Mark Noll, a self-taught woodwork artist based in Florida. He has started his own design company – Mark Noll Designs – and creates jewellery and sculpture, and love creating skulls too – bravo sir. Mark, along with 11 other talented artists, was recently […]

Tired of small paperweights? Then why not splash out on this hand carved skull made from bamboo leaf agate. It weighs about 2.8 kgs, is a one-off design and will burn a $1250.00 size hole in your pocket. Can be purchased from Stone Age Sedona

These lovely, shiny and oh so large carved skulls are created by Thought and Memory and are sold on a first come, first serve basis and on that note of course they are sold out. Man, that Jaguar skull is amazingly carved from obsidian and based on a real casting […]

Shinji Nakaba is a Tokyo-based jewelry designer who’s been creating since 1974. Everything he makes is wearable, and Nakaba often uses unconventional materials to create his pieces. These intricately carved pearl skulls are an example of his exceptional work. “I just want to bring brand new life to something that […]

We have featured some amazing hand carved animal skulls from Bali before and this time we have yet more amazing skulls from a different collective called Aureus Arts. These beautiful, hand drawn designs are carved into real buffalo/cow and horse skulls. These skulls are meticulously hand carved by Balinese Master […]

Gregory Halili, a Philippines-born artist, has created this most beautiful series of carved pearl skulls. I think it works so well, not only because of the expert craftsmanship but also because pearls have a similar resemblance to bone so the skull actually looks like a skull. Funny that.  Greg now lives in New […]

This skull masterpiece was sent to us by Ilya Andor and is a beautiful piece of art symbolising this once majestic beast. This carved skull reminds me of a number of other variations of a similar technique we have shared before, but this carved bull skull is huge, and is a fitting […]

WOW. Another Skulltacular Carved Buffalo Skull from Beachcomber! We’ve already posted some of these amazing carved skulls from Beachcomber and so far that has proved to be our most popular post. The detail is crazy and these skull carvings are works of art. If you are interested in buying the […]

I found these carved human Skulls on They are not real human skulls but are cast in cold resin and given an off-white finish. The skulls feature intricate Aztec and Celtic carvings and retail for $40. Celtic Knotwork Human Skull

After the success of our first post of an intricately carved buffalo skull, we decided to find another one. If you appreciate a skull, like we do, you search for more of the same types of skulls. It’s the obvious thing to do. This skull has got insane detail and […]