Bird Skull Illustrations by Tillman Project

A wee while ago a good friend of mine, Cheese Ape, sent me some beautiful bird skull illustrations by Clint Reid. Basically, this fella can draw pretty damn well and through the Tillman Project he shares, explains and sells his various illustrations. His illustration make their appearance on various mediums like prints, t-shirts and originals.

Clint describes himself as  a “maker” which is a good thing for us as what he makes is darn interesting. These bird skull Illustrations would make for some really great tattoos, well, I’m sure they have already somewhere.

Some links to check out (few more skulls dotted about): Store, Website and Behance

The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_3 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_4 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_1 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_5 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_2


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Skull Illustration by Mr Four Fingers

Ah it’s definitely a cop out drawing pictures for gifts, like this skull illustration fella. This illustration, by us Mr Four Fingers, is on a  A4-ish slice of 300gsm extra smooth hot pressed paper and was drawn with extra a fine Rotring art pen but the birds were drawn with an extra fine nib dip pen and Indian ink (waterproof). Finished with watercolour, gold paint and brush pen.

This skull fella is untitled so if you have a spark of inspiration then leave a comment with a suggested name.


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Dark Skull Illustrations From Todd Ryan White

I love these dark, often gloopy and melted looking skull illustrations from the hand of Todd Ryan White. Some of these illustrations may be more monster than skull but we are sharing them anyway because why the hell not.

Originally found on CVLT Nation

skull illustrations todd_ryan_white_1 todd_ryan_white_2 todd_ryan_white_6 skull illustrations skull illustrations

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Enkidu and Gilgamesh

One of my favourite artists Joau Ruas AKA Feral Kid has an amazing talent and his art is always inspiring. He is sometimes confused with James Jean, who have both have worked on Fable covers at sometime in their lives. If James Jean is the day then Joao Ruas is the night.

This skull design is entitled Enkidu and Gilgamesh and is just a glimse of the mans immense talent. This is the only skull I have seen him create, maybe there are others I have not seen but at least we have this one on Skull Appreciation Society. This skull design was at one stage available for purchase but as this is a relatively old piece, it has subsequently sold out. Shit balls.                                                             

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