Spray Painting Skulls

Graffiti_Murals_mff_24spray painting skulls Graffiti_Murals_mff_5 Graffiti_Murals_mff_4

Graffiti_Murals_mff_14 Graffiti_Murals_mff_12

The other day we (Mr Four Fingers) were given the opportunity to mess about with spray paint and of course we started by spray painting skulls.  I have always been keen to try spray paint but wanted to find an area large enough to play around with that was not in public view. Fortunately a friend of ours had just the space.

All the spray painting was done without direct reference or too much planning for that matter. I definitely enjoy a rapid and loose style. The plan was to learn more about techniques and it was pretty fun. We have also included the obligitory ‘check my mask bro’ photos (oh look also wearing one of our skull tees).

You can visit our Mr Four Fingers blog to view the rest of the photos if you want.


This is one of those pieces of art where that leaves me wondering if I like it. I mean the skill involved in cutting the design by hand, which looks like ultra fine mesh, is remarkable. On the other hand it is an image of Hitler.

What do we think guys? At least it depicts Hitler for the monster he was.

ORTICANOODLES do have other pieces that are less controversial with mages like ‘Pop Never Die’ depicting Andy Warhol and ‘Skate or Die’ depicting Jason Lee. Then they sway back into the grey again with images of the Queen with a skull face and  skeletal body. They are actually pretty good.

Check out their extensive portfolio.